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she said thehone incident points out a need for better information about police districts. she knows some crimes are never solved. >> i actually showed him one of the news reports, just a few minutes ago and he was pretty astounded. >> reporter: it was these grainy images from a gas station that gave detectives their first big break. a tip received on september 21st led them to a silver hyundai and its owner, a man named tommy branch. court records show branch was arrested along with two other men, sunny and michael moore on august 18th around 3:30 a.m., charged with robbing three men of their cell phones on 18th street northwest. court documents indicate third district officers found a fourth device, a black iphone. they were unaware that across town near eastern market on capitol hill the owner of that iphone, a young father, lay unconscious on the porch of a
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stranger's home where he wouldn't be found for hours. he had been robbed and savagely beaten. days later police released the i images of two men trying to use maslin's credit card. the investigation went into fast forward, and that's when the black iphone which had been sitting in the property control division for a month was examined and found to belong to thomas maslin. in addition to supervising the extensive recovery of her husband, abby maslin has also become an advocate for him and other crime victims. >> i want people to know that they have a social responsibility in these situations. if they see something, i don't care if they're not sure what the situation is, it is so much better to say something and to be sure, that you have told the people, the appropriate people, than to let it go. because there's a chance he could have gotten help sooner. >> reporter: just moments ago, we learned that the judge
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ordered all three defendants held without bond until their next court appearance. reporting live at d.c. superior court, jackie bensen, news4. a manhunt led police to our area. murder suspect anthony robert taglianetti is from woodbridge, and police believe he's back in virginia. he's accused of shooting keith reed in the small town of climber, new york, about 80 miles south of buffalo. investigators say taglianetti was spotted inrinc p william county this week. they believe his victim was a specific target. but they warn everyone, taglianetti may be armed and dangerous. >> this individual was -- wanted to do harm to mr. reed. >> right, we believe it was isolated. >> we believe he's in virginia now. but that could change. >> police say if you think you see taglianetti, don't approach him. call police immediately. tonight we know the identity of remains found in a wooded
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area in stafford county. detectives tell us the remains belong to this woman, katherine bryant. the d.c. native vanished six years ago. she was 33 at the time. police suspect foul play in her death. but they haven't said what caused her death. someone found her remains last month just off i-95 in stafford county. a dryer appears to be to blame for a fire at a nursing home in mclean that started late this morning. firefighters tell us that the dryer in the laundry room caught fire. some of the residents were evacuated. no one was injured. we're seeing signs of storms brewing out there. >> doug kammerer has his eyes on the skies in the storm center. >> already watching the storms back to the west. a severe thunderstorm warning, not in the district just yet, but i do think they're going to come close to our area throughout the rest of the evening. shenandoah county, page county, warren county, this will head to front royal in the next half hour to an hour. this is around the woodstock
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area and shenandoah county. this's a few other storms up towards winchester, along i-81. you notice where the actual storm is to the north. and the trailing boundary, that is going to make its way through our region, throughout the rest of the evening hours. i do expect to see more thunderstorms. i'll let you know who has the best chance of seeing those storms tonight, and what are our chances over the next couple of days. >> doug, thank you. president obama and mitt romney go head-to-head in virginia today. in springfield governor romney criticized the defense on defense cuts. today he talked about specific alternatives. >> yeah, julie carey joins us to tell us about that. >> for many virginians with military ties, the president is also their commander in chief. governor mitt romney and president barack obama tried to make the case they would best look out for the interests of veterans and those on active duty. in an american legion hag not
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far from the pentagon, mitt romney directed a war of words at president obama. faulting him for the budget deal on capitol hill that will lead to deep defense cuts. and could cost virginia up to 200,000 defense jobs. >> when i become president of the united states, we will stop it. i will not cut our commitment to our military. >> reporter: but even some romney supporters have urged him to provide more specifics about how he'll cut trillions and keep defense spending intact. he starts by scaling back health care reform. >> there are other programs that some people like, i even like that we're going to have to cut or eliminate. >> reporter: he gave me a long list of cuts, no more money for amtrak, pbs or national endowment for arts. and the federal work force will not be spared either. >> we'll slowly through attrition reduce government employment by 10%. that saves about $40 billion a year. we have $500 billion in savings per year. that combined with the growing economy at 4% gets us to a
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balanced budget. >> this retired colonel and romney supporter said he's sold. >> i think the think that resonated the most with me was the fact that he got very specific about how important the economy is to our national security, and then how that translates into support for veterans and how we can take care of our veterans. >> reporter: outside the hall jonathan hopkins was waiting to respond to romney's criticism. the president obama has not provided the necessary leadership. >> i was a captain in the army. i served in iraq and afghanistan. i went to west point. those of us, we understand what leadership is. and i felt led. i felt led by our commander in chief. >> reporter: as president obama campaigned in virginia's other military strong hold of virginia beach, he continued to remind voters with this ad about romney's secretly recorded comments that 47% of americans are government dependent. romney told us he's not counting any voters out. >> my campaign is about 100% of
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americans, helping people get out of poverty and helping the middle class have a more prosperous future. >> reporter: mitt romney has fallen behind president obama in the polls in many battleground states including virginia. what he has to say about that coming up at 6:00. >> julie, thank you. romney was in northern virginia, the president was in virginia beach. he began pushing a new phrase that shows up in one of his latest tv spots. implying that it's patriotic to build the economy from the middle out instead of the top down. >> well, you know what, it's time for a new economic patriotism. an economic patriotism rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong and thriving middle class. >> that new tv ad, the president's running, is two minutes long. it's airing in seven swing states including virginia. the first presidential debate, by the way, is just six days away now. paying for the postseason. the washington nationals have clinched a spot in the baseball
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play-offs. and that raised the question of how to keep metro running after the late night games. breaking news, someone has just stepped forward to pick up the tab. richard jordan is outside the navy yard metro station at the park to tell us who's going to pay for that, richard? >> reporter: well, wendy, you may have heard of the online deal website and phone app living social based in d.c., and they have agreed in the past 24 hours they will cover the expense to make sure that metro service is still available after all the play-off games that the nationals will play here at nats park. officials are saying this reay just happened within the last 24 hours. and it was just announced a few minutes ago. so basically what's happening is that living social will now submit a deposit of $29,500, that will guarantee that metro will stay open an extra hour beyond midnight, which is their typical closing hour, so any fans who are at the nats games can stay as long as they need to, and get a ride home. let's say the game goes beyond
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an hour. maybe two hours. maybe goes into extra innings. living social will continue to cover that cost for all the play-off games. this has been a very hot issue, because a lot of people want to see the nats in the play-offs, the first time in the play-offs in over 70 years. there was a big question on what the traffic situation was going to be like. how are people going to get here, get home, make sure they get home safely. living social said they decided they are a d.c. based company, they want to support the team and make sure fans got a safe ride home after the nats games. so they are putting up the bill. so good news here for everyone. in fact, the nats and metro and living social are calling this a win-win-win. reporting live from the navy yard station, richard jordan, news4. >> another show of support tonight for maryland's question 7. that's the referendum on the november ballot that would expand gaming in the state. today a group of business owners held a news conference at national harbor, site of a possible new casino under the plan. they urged voters to approve the
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measure saying it would generate millions of dollars for the county, and state, and thousands of jobs. >> this is an economic opportunity. everyone talks about economic development. i think this is an economic opportunity that the county and the state have that may not ever come around again. >> opponents of question 7 believe voters are being deceived by promises that money from the casino would go toward education. still ahead, a family calls for justice. >> she killed the man. i don't know what else i would say to that. she killed my grandfather. >> her grandfather was hit and killed by a school bus as he walked in the crosswalk. now she wants to know why the driver is only receiving a minor charge. the mystery of the mustache. a firehouse prank that the d.c. police crime lab got called in to investigate. replacing the replacements. the first sitting refs are back on the job to the relief of a
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a mustache mystery involving ken ellerby. there's a picture of him hanging in the firehouses and someone drew a mustache on one of them. and the cops got involved. tom sherwood is outside engine company 10. >> reporter: it may not be the most pressing crime for police, but the mustache mystery here did get a lot of attention. this d.c. firehouse on florida avenue northeast is one of the oldest in the city, still operating. but sources tell news4 work came to a standstill wednesday afternoon. senior officers were investigating a destruction of property crime.
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someone at engine 10 it drawn a cartoon mustache on the official photo, like this one, of chief kenneth ellerby and hung it upside down in the station. a deputy chief and lieutenant dressed down the company. part of it was captured on audio obtained by news4. the officials demanding respect for the chief and threatening criminal charges. >> you don't want to be here in this agency or under this direction of the fire chief, there's nothing holding you back. but as long as he's the fire chief, we all have to respect him. the reason i asked who handled the picture is because there are going to be some charges. at that point whatever the fire chief decides -- >> reporter: police were also called in. a former crime report was filed, and evidence technicians dusted the photo frame for fingerprints. but a d.c. fire department headquarters thursday afternoon, chief ellerby downplayed the
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whole incident. are you investigating how people are treating your picture? >> no. i heard about it. but it's probably just something that's been blown out of proportion. i talked to our internal affairs, don't even worry about it. >> reporter: closed case? >> closed case. i guess whether they like me or not, i'll be the chief. but, you know, i can't worry about that kind of stuff. we have a lot of serious stuff to take care of, to think about, and, you know, putting mustaches on pictures is really not one of those high priority items. >> reporter: now, it's not clear what happened to that photograph. in the district, tom sherwood, news4, without a mustache. >> all right. tom, thank you. doug joins us now, sans mustache. >> i tried a mustache before. >> that didn't work? >> my wife said no. don't ever try that again. >> we'll get ahold of your picture. >> i've got a funny picture in a
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second. if we have some time. but right now, just off to the west, around the i-81 corridor, we've got strong to severe thunderstorms out there right now. first off, you notice the cloud cover around here. and you also notice the very warm and humid atmosphere across our region today. temperatures back into the 80s, as we have still been south of that frontal boundary up to the north. rain not around the district right now, but that will be changing. back to the west, a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings. they all include shenandoah county. you're under the gun. but also warren and page county. we'll zoom into a couple of these storms here. this is the strongest storm closest to us. this will be very close to front royal. severe thunderstorm warning associated with this, with lightning. right along route 340, and just to the east -- or just around the i-81 area. this will be to front royal about 5:21. and down to the bethel region about 5:34. it will continue very close to
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northern fauquier county and warren county, too. up to the north, we've got more showers and storms along i-81. as you widen out here what you notice is a little spin in the atmosphere. right here. we talked about this last night at 11:00, that this would move to the north. and we would see these storms develop during the afternoon. that's exactly what's happening in this boundary right here. it will swing through our region. mostly to the north and west of washington. so if you live in towards loudoun county, frederick county, berkeley county, jefferson county, you have a good chance of seeing strong thunderstorms throughout the rest of the evening hours and maybe into the district. right now, 81 degrees. that's the current temperature. winds out of the southeast about 14 miles per hour. a very summer-like day. that's why we're seeing the thunderstorms now. 81 in manassas. 70 in winchester. 82 in culpepper. 83 down towards the fredericksburg area. we have the storms out here. watch what happens this evening, about 9:00.
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we're looking right along the i-95 corridor, and then moving just up to the north. it does include fairfax county and toward the d.c. area and moving out of here. tomorrow we could see more strong storms but we'll have to wait and see where those develop. scattered showers tonight and some thunderstorms. temperatures 72 to about 77 degrees. tomorrow morning, maybe an isolated shower. temperatures 58 to 67 degrees. nice and warm tomorrow. going to be another warm day. i'm going for a high of 82 tomorrow. 73 on saturday. saturday looking dry. sunday at 73 with a 30% chance of showers. 72 on monday. and then temperatures about where they should be this time of year as we head into early next week. now, i was out at countryside elementary today in sterling. i wanted to say hello to all of the kids out there. spoke to about 175 kids. here's another picture for you. mm-hmm. i've got one more i'll show you a little bit later. this one made me laugh a little bit. might make you laugh a little bit, too.
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>> we look forward to that. >>reat kids. coming up at 5:00 tonight, a health alert after a rabid fox is found in the northern virginia city. the bizarre death of a hollywood actor. police believe he had just killed someone when he died. i'm liz crenshaw. tap water versus bottled water. which one tastes better? find out if tap comes out on top. my story is coming up. redskins don't let a key loss on the field stop them from winning the game. see how as we rewind to a classic matchup against the bucs. at 6:00, a fight against fannie mae leads to arrests in d.c.
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we're going to go and be in the way back machine. >> the buccaneers are next up. >> back in the '80s, the only notable thing about the tampa bay buccaneers, their uniforms.
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cream sickle orange. 20 years ago, those bucs knocked a hall of famer out of the game and had the skins on the ropes at rfk. >> october 22nd, 1989. outlasting the buccaneers. the worst start a skins fan could imagine. second possession, and ralph's punt is blocked by tampa bay's ricky reynolds. the buccaneer also recovers it, coasting 33 yards. bucs lead 7-0 after the first quarter. the skins defense, manly in moi ways than one. second quarter, bucs third and 25 from their own 8. look out vinnie. dexter manly drives vinnie down for the safety.
5:25 pm
part of a monstrous effort on the day holding the bucs to a total of just one rushing yard. >> it's an attitude. it's a frame of mind. you have to believe what you can do. i think all the guys up front believed in each other and themselves. you have to go out and play like that. >> the attitude eventually carried over to the offense. just before halftime a rolling out threads the needle. a pass to gary clark. and the skins up five by the break. more to clark. bucs defender robinson loses a step and clark makes him pay. the skins all smiles leading 22-7 midway through the third quarter. that happy feeling was quickly replaced by a sick one. a vinnie pass picked up by todd. but darrell green breaks his wrist. ending his season and invigorating the bucs. >> you can never afford to lose a player of darrell's caliber.
5:26 pm
he plays a tough slot position for us on their wide receiver. he just adds a lot of speed out there. and there's a lot of things we can do defensively that when you take him out of the lineup, it limits whether you can take those chances or not. >> he takes the chances. 245 yards of passing, in the last 16 minutes. three touchdowns, including this one over a.j. johnson. but time runs out on the bucs. the skins escape with a 32-28 win. >> they got me. but as a corner, you can't let that stuff get to you. i'll just concentrate on the next games. we got the win. i don't care how many touchdowns they scored on me. we won. i just have to work harder on the stuff that i did bad today. >> i think the defensive line all deserve game balls. charles, dexter, tracy, darrell, they all went after it and made it easier for us. >> well, uniforms aren't going
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to be an issue for the buccaneers this weekend. tampa bay, by the way, favored by three over our redskins. >> you know the cream sickle orange looked a lot like the volunteer orange you went to school on. >> don't say that. that's almost sacrilegious. >> people. >> the throwback people loved the cream sickle and bring it back every couple of years. >> all right. still ahead, controversial charges in the death of a pedestrian. >> reporter: a retired school bus driver killed in a crosswalk by a school bus. i'm pat collins. the story coming up, news4. and the nfl refs back on the job. and not a moment too soon for ravens fans. how can you upset dozens of apple customers at the same time? make
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fast forward through the headlines. police had key evidence in the brutal beating in an assault on thomas maslin. the police recovered t robbery but took a month before they realized who the phone belonged to. mitt romney gets specific on what he would cut to avoid slashing defense spending at the end of this year. he said that would include funding for amtrak, pbs and national endowment for the arts. president obama spent the day talking about defense spending in the hampton roads area. living social has stepped up, it's going to pick up the tab so metro can stay open late when the nats go into the postseason. that announcement came just moments ago. let's fast forward to the weather. >> teddy was there.
5:32 pm
teddy obviously won something. finally. out there right now, you can see where we are looking at strong to severe storms back to the west. none around the metro area, but take a look where these are. severe thunderstorm warning in effect for shenandoah county until 5:45. heads-up if you're in that area. along i-81, you're also seeing rain. other showers making their way in toward loudoun county and frederick county. we're learning more about the man hit and killed by a fairfax county school bus. news4's pat pat collins spoke to the victim's family who say they're unhappy with the charge for the driver. >> reporter: jim, he was a retired school bus driver. he was 89 years old but in good health, an avid walker, avid jogger. struck and killed in a crosswalk. by a school bus.
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>> she killed a man. i don't know what else i would say to that. she killed my grandfather. >> reporter: that's sarah ahn. last week her grandfather struck and killed by a fairfax county school bus. joon seok ahn was 89 years old. he had two children, four grandchildren, four great-grandchildren. he was very active for his age. he was a skier, an accomplished badminton player, he was a religious man. each day he would go to dawn prayer service at the nearby church, and then he'd go jogging. jogging for at least a mile. at the intersection of columbia, pike and gallows road, he was on his way back from the cleaners. he was in the crosswalk when a school bus, a big school bus moved into that cross walk and struck mr. ahn, knocked him to
5:34 pm
the ground. he was taken to the hospital. he died a short time later. >> it was just devastating to go to the hospital, and know that there's nothing that any of us could do for him at that point. so we just sat by him and watched him go. >> reporter: the driver of that school bus described as kristina fernandez, charged with failure to pay full time and attention, a traffic violation punishable by a $30 fine. she's on leave. >> so far, you haven't heard anything from fairfax county schools? >> no. no one's been contacted by anyone. >> no apology? >> nothing so far. >> is that upsetting? >> that's extremely upsetting. >> reporter: mr. ahn moved here from south korea in 1997.
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there he had been a college school bus driver for 50 years. and they say he never had an accident. the investigation is still ongoing. police say more charges are possible. live in fairfax county, i'm pat pat collins, news4. tonight police have one man in custody while they search for two others in a rare and violent robbery that occurred downtown. three men dressed in white button-down shirts with burgundy stripes held up the premontier. one of the suspects pistol whipped the employee and the gun went off. the victim was injured from the beating. the officer managed to stop one of the suspects. they identified him as 19-year-old elijah warren from upper marlboro. just in time for the ravens game, replacement refs are out,
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the real refs are heading back on the field after three weeks of botched calls by the replacement refs, the national football league came to an agreement with the referees union. the new contract agrees to a pay raise, and protects the current pension plan. outraged over that fiasco of a call during the final seconds of the seahawks/packers game monday night may have been the final straw pressuring both sides to ink a deal. >> there was no way that they could send a crew of replacement officials to green bay on sunday. the green bay fans who had been so wronged on monday night. >> i think it was just another fact that they kept pushing us. you never want to see a game end like that, and never see a game end on a controversial play. >> the new deal must still be ratified by members of the officials union. but that is just a formality. still ahead, police rescue a girl kidnapped from her home. and tonight they tell us what the critical mistake her alleged abductor made, that led police
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right to her. education nation tonight, meet the local teacher with big ideas for helping his students succeed. e.
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the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we're looking at new warnings that have just popped up. the d.c. area, okay, but back to the west, along i-81, a new severe thunderstorm warning for shenandoah, clark, page, and frederick county, virginia, this includes the winchester area, this storm right here, right along 81, expect to see upwards of 50 to 60-mile-an-hour winds. you could see small hail from this storm. we've seen a lot of lightning. also this storm around the front royal area, severe thunderstorm warning associated with it, too. i would not be surprised to see a new warning issued for out there towards warren county and northern portions of fauquier
5:41 pm
county. they continue to move closer to the d.c. metro area. but heads up out there, if you're thinking about heading west on 66, you're most likely going to run into these storms. the complete forecast in just a minute. an alert to fairfax city residents, a fox tested positive for rabies. someone found the sick animal lying in his driveway. police are using this as a reminder, stay away from stray dogs and other wildlife. coming up, are you thirsty? we get to sample today. >> bottled water. >> woo! and does it really taste better than tap water. lots of folks say yes. and we're spending billions every year on bottled water. coming up, we put d.c. residents to the test. if you're waiting in line for an iphone 5, this is the last thing you want to see. we'll show you the video that made a lot of people u
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over the years, d.c. has been criticized for its tap water containing pollutants and having a bad taste. millions of dollars have since been spent to improve that water delivered to the homes of district residents. now d.c. is putting its
5:45 pm
residents to the test. a taste test. and when we hear taste test, we think of liz crenshaw. what did you find out? >> of course, when i did hear that d.c. water was putting its tap water up against bottled water, we had to dive in and see what tasters thought. d.c. water is making its way around the district asking residents to taste and tell. >> i hear there are a lot of impurities in the tap water. >> i really don't drink it. i drink bottled water. >> it's a reputation d.c. water has been working to overcome for years. reports of toxic chlorine, pollutants and unsafe level of leads turned residents from drinking tap water. >> the chlorine could be so smoke you could smell it. >> reporter: it's tested every day and d.c. says it tastes great. so sure of that, it's putting its tap water against deer park bottled water in a taste test. >> it may well be that is a
5:46 pm
hangover from something that's happened in the past. but we know our product today, we test it today, and that's what we want our customers to have confidence in. we're always improving and upgrading the treatment process. >> reporter: over eight weeks, d.c. water is holding blind taste tests in each one of the district's eight wards. >> sample "a" and "b." >> reporter: we stopped by ward 6 and talked to tasters to find out which water sample tasted better. >> that was better tasting. clean, no aftertaste. >> reporter: "a" was d.c. tap water. >> you could have fooled me. it did taste better. >> better tasting water was d.c. water. which i did not think was going to be the answer. because we don't drink d.c. water. >> i actually picked out the tap water. >> i think it's improved. it used to have that chlorine taste. they eliminated that. >> i didn't taste a difference. they both tasted good. so i'm really picky about my
5:47 pm
water, too. >> i chose "b." "a" had an aftertaste. and i just sort of knew that was d.c. tap water. >> reporter: letter "b" was deer park bottled water. >> wasn't much difference really. >> i chose "b." >> in "b" there was an aftertaste that was just not quite right. >> i didn't know "b" was the bottled water. i didn't know. >> reporter: after five weeks and 473 tasters, d.c. tap water is leading the taste test with 190 votes. deer park bottled water is not far behind with 184 votes. and 99 people said they couldn't taste a difference. so why drink from the tap? >> on the cost basis there's no comparison. it's so much less expensive to use tap water. >> reporter: d.c. says tap is better for the environment. so would bottled water drinkers switch to tap after this taste test? >> i might change, yes. >> i'm going to change, yeah.
5:48 pm
>> you can still vote in the water taste test to find out the next location, go to our website and search d.c. water. wendy and jim just tasted and you picked -- >> i picked the bottled water, but they were perfectly fine. >> you actually picked -- >> i like the "a." >> i think only because the bottled one was a little colder to me. >> i'm saying that even the guys that said -- the folks who said they couldn't tell a difference, that's a vote for d.c. tap water. >> i agree. >> save you a lot. >> save you a lot, transportation costs, green, et cetera. >> i only drink tap water at home. here's doug. >> 81 degrees out there right now. yes, getting ready for rain, i think, around the metro region. we have the rain just off to the west. and severe weather, including a brand-new severe thunderstorm warning. i just told you about the one in frederick county.
5:49 pm
a new one includes warren and northern fauquier county. once again, right along i-81, and 66 here, includes the front royal area and just to the west of marshall. you can see a couple more storms ahead of this. we'll be watching these very closely, as they make their way off to the north and east about 25 to 30 miles an hour. heads-up if you live in this region. i-81 to the blue ridge and making their way out. move up to the north here, you notice where the severe thunderstorm warnings are. it does include winchester. and along 17. but also down to front royal. here's 66. if you're driving west on 66 this evening, expect to see some showers and thunderstorms. to the north, another fairly strong storm in jefferson county just to the west of charlestown. and frederick county and washington county, showers there. as i mentioned, there is more to come as we're watching this little system in the atmosphere move through our region. we'll continue to watch for that. 67 in washington tonight. 58 in martinsburg. 59 in winchester and 59 in culpepper. scattered showers and a few
5:50 pm
thunderstorms out there. tomorrow, highs in the 80s once again. a little humid. 70s back to the west. i do think another chance for a few showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. now, jim and wendy, check this out. i went to countryside elementary school today. one of my high school friends, actually middle school friends actually set this up. i want to show you this. take a look at this right here. now, notice, who is that guy right there? that is an 8th grade picture that she put up for all the kids there. this was the coolest jacket you could ever have. cool little nike jacket there. huh? >> very nice. the collar is popped. look at that. had it going on, then and now. thank you, doug. coming up, an actor accused of murder falls to his death. the author of harry potter has a new release that is not for children. >> a prank on iphone 5 customers goes viral. just some of the stories trending today. sons of anarchy actor lewis is
5:51 pm
dead tonight after he beat his 81-year-old land lady to death. according to tmz, he was just released from jail last week for unknown criminal charges. lewis was also known for roles in the movies "aliens versus predator requiem." he was 28 years old. jk rowling's new book is out called "the casual vacancy" for grown-ups. the reviews have been extremely mixed. this book is expected to top the best seller list very quickly. the readers who prefer to remain in the fantasy world with the potter series, take heart. although she said harry's story is finished, the next novel may be set in his universe. [ bleep ]. >> yep, there's a bleep there. so far this video on youtube has gotten more than 560,000 views.
5:52 pm
this prankster dresses up like an apple employee, pretends to drop boxes of the new phone in front of people who have been waiting in line for hours to get their hands on one. as you can imagine, it created quite a stir. some were shocked. some were angry. but no one got out of line to help him. tonight in education nation, there's no such thing as one size fits all learning in one fairfax county classroom. a teacher there believes in focusing more on individual students than standardized testing. richard jordan reports the teacher developed a system to help kids learn at their own pace. >> each of your texts are going to be different. you have different topics. >> reporter: wes vaughn sees each student as an individual. he uses this device for a single student in his class who is hearing impaired. he recognizes each of his students has different needs. in the classroom, and out.
5:53 pm
vaughn coaches cheerleading after school at fairfax high. the team has gone to the state finals six times. but standing at the head of the class can be just as exhausting. >> it often feels like a juggling match, that you're coming in, and you're thinking, what am i going to have to do today to get these kids pumped up. >> reporter: vaughn uses a specialized teaching strategy. the students range from a second grade to eighth grade reading level. each takes a test to match their individual comprehension. >> you have to eat your wheaties in the morning to be able to go to individualize and specialize the instruction for each kid. >> reporter: but vaughn did not always see himself staying in school after his own schooling. >> i struggled. i struggled a great deal. and i had a couple of great teachers when i was younger that understood that it was rough for me. and did a great job of trying to make it fun and entertaining. >> reporter: vaughn ultimately developed the love for learning,
5:54 pm
the lessons he picked up as a student are dictating the approach he takes as a teacher. >> you have to come in every day and you look at these 24 individuals, and you want to be the bright spot in their day. because you don't know what they're going home to, and what it's going to be like. so for me, that's fulfillment. >> reporter: in alexandria, richard jordan, news4. after the break tonight, safe but scared. >> a girl who was abducted is found three days later in the company of a convicted sex offender. coming up tonight at 6:00, we now know who's going to pay for baseball fans to take metro home after any nats play-off game that runs late. a flea market find is now part of an fbi investigation. and d.c.'s fire chief is laughing off a police laughin[ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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a 12-year-old girl kid mapped from her home on sunday is on her way back home tonight. >> a stolen debit card helped bring one parent's worst nightmare to an end. >> i'm so ready to have her back in my arms, and so ready for her to be back home. >> reporter: a relieved father reacts to the news that his 12-year-old daughter is safe, after she went missing from her north carolina home sunday. the fbi quickly traced her to this man, 38-year-old timothy newman, a registered sex offender. le fever said along with abducting his daughter, newman stole his debit card. >> once my debit card was used the first time, you know, i went to the bank and had it canceled. the law enforcement had it reactivated just so -- in case they used it again so they could ping him and got him. >> reporter: newman took off from north carolina with the 12-year-old in his red chrysler sebring headed south. and thanks to an atm at a gas station at coral gables, they were tipped off to his
5:59 pm
whereabouts. >> it's my understanding that he wanted to take her out of the country. we don't know exactly where at this time. it may have been somewhere in the caribbean. >> reporter: but newman didn't get that far. police were in hot pursuit tracking him to this denny's. >> she looked distressed and nervous. >> reporter: danny lives nearby and rushed out of his home to shoot this cell phone video and snap this photo of newman being arrested. little abigail, safe, but scared. >> you could tell she was terrori terrorized. she was in a state of -- i don't think she even knew what town or what state she was in. >> now at 6:00 tonight, battleground virginia. >> news4 goes one-on-one with mitt romney. nearly beaten to death over a stolen iphone. just learned that three men have been arrested in that case. mitt romney's back in northernrg

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